Herbal Teething Oil

This simple oil was created to provide relief for teething infants.  I recently made myself a fresh batch because my little girl is already showing signs of teething.  The herbal combination of chamomile and clove numbs pain, soothes irritated gums and calms fussy babies.

Ingredients: 1 fl. oz Chamomile Infused Oil, 4 drops Clove Essential Oil

Chamomile Infused Oil soothes & reduces inflammation of the affected tissues.  It also calms the nervous system, allowing for restful sleep

Clove Essential Oil is an “anodyne” which means that when applied, it will numb the pain.


To make the Chamomile Infused Oil, use the same process as the Calendula Infused Oil (If you want to make a smaller batch, use 0.5 oz net wt. of Chamomile flowers and 1 cup of Olive Oil)

Add 1 fl. oz of Chamomile Infused Oil to a 1 oz glass bottle (It is best to store in glass to protect the oils)

Add 4 drops of Clove Essential Oil to the bottle, cap and shake well.

Apply directly to the affected gums as needed.

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  • Reply
    Angela Justis
    June 9, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Hi Faith,
    Have you ever heard of any one using clove oil to ease tooth/gum pain from orthodontic work?
    Both my girls are going through the process of getting braces and it hurts! Thinking this recipe might make a helpful remedy for us to have in our herbal tool box.

    • Reply
      the little herbal
      June 9, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      Hi Angela,
      I think that would be a great use for this remedy! I haven’t tried it since my kids are not there yet. But it make sense. I bet there is a lot of inflammation and the Chamomile would be amazing for that. Please come back and let us know if it is helpful for the girls!

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