Tummy Ache Massage Oil

Most infants and older children can get gassy from time to time. And that can lead to discomfort, crying and what is commonly called “colic”.  One of my favorite remedies for helping to relieve the discomforts of gas is a gentle tummy massage with my Tummy Ache Oil.  The tummy massage alone can greatly relieve gas and also soothe an upset child.  When used in combination with this essential oil blend, designed to soothe inflammation, gas & bloating, you can really make a difference.   It is safe and effective for infants as well as older kids.  I have used it with success on both my kids as infants.  And when my son’s tummy hurts (he is coming up on 3 years old), he still asks for a rub with his “special tummy oil”.

2 fluid ounces of Apricot Kernal Oil
3 drops German (Blue) Chamomile Essential Oil
3 drops Fennel Essential Oil
1 drop Ginger Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together and shake well.  Store the oil in a dark, glass bottle.  Shake well before use.

How to give a Tummy Massage

First get a small amount of the Tummy Ache Oil on your fingers and gently place your fingertips just above the belly button.  Massage slowly clock-wise in a circular motion.  Repeat several times.  After that you can work the legs by taking hold of the child’s feet and gently pressing the legs towards their chest.  Hold for a few seconds.  Bring them back down, and then repeat several times.  You can also slowly pedal the legs, as if they were riding a bicycle. This will help the infant or child to pass any gas present in their digestive tract and also help to relieve constipation by stimulating the bowels.

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