Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath

So many of my friends are having babies soon!  Yay!  In honor of them, I have some essential postpartum recipes to share with you over the next couple of weeks.  The first is a lovely sitz bath, the perfect postpartum blend for healing the sensitive tissues of the perineum.  Whether or not you had a deep tear, minor tear, or just want to soothe the inflammation that can occur after birth, this blend is the match for all.  It is Soothing, Antiseptic, Tissue Repairing, Anti-inflammatory, Astringent and Tonifying to the tissues.  It is also extremely helpful for anyone who suffers the unfortunate side of effect of hemorrhoids from pregnancy or a strenuous labor.

I loved setting aside some time to do a sitz bath in the weeks following the births of my children.  It allowed me a chance to sneak away and take some time for myself to relax and reflect; on the birth, on my beautiful baby and on my new role as a mother.  And it was profoundly healing for my body.

2 part Calendula Flowers
2 part Comfrey Leaf
1 part Roses
1 part Witch Hazel Bark
1/2 part Lavender

-Mix all of the lovely herbs together.

-To prepare the sitz bath, place 1 cup of the herbal blend into a 1/2 gallon mason jar (or any large heat safe, glass container with a lid).  Fill with boiling water, lid and allow it to steep for 30 minutes.  Strain the herbs.

-Test the temperature.  You want it to be warm, not too hot or too cold, comfortable enough to sit in for a while. You can add some water to warm it up or cool it down.

-Place the tea in a sitz bath that you can set in your toilet.  You can purchase these at a pharmacy.  Or you can pour it into a shallow bath and sit in the bath.

-Sit in the tea for 15-20 minutes (or even longer if you like), drink a cup of nursing tea, reflect, relax and heal.  Repeat as many times as you need during your healing and recovery.

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