Soothing Nipple Salve for Nursing Mamas

This salve was a lifesaver for me in the first couple of weeks after my son was born.  Thankfully, he was a great nurser right away, but he wanted to be at the breast ALL THE TIME! And it took my body a while to adjust.  My nipples became sore, cracked and yes, even bled a little.  Now I am not trying to scare any soon to be mamas.  This story is not true for everyone and I promise it did not last long.  Nursing can be one of the most amazing bonds you will have with your children.  There are so many special things to say about it.  But this is not the post for that.  This is a post about nipples. To give them a little help along the way as they adjust to their new role. There are many things that can lead to nipple irritation in the first few weeks of breast feeding, the shape of the nipples, the baby’s latch and position.  Make sure to contact a lactation consultant to ensure you guys are getting off to a good start.

I created this super salve to soothe the nipples, reduce irritation, inflammation, and heal any tissue damage.  Most products you can buy are just pure lanolin.  Lanolin can be amazing all on it’s own, but I always like to add an herbal element to most everything I make.  This recipe draws upon the amazing powers of Calendula.  Calendula flowers repair the skin, reduce inflammation and are so so soothing.  They are the perfect addition to the nipple salve.  Apply this salve liberally as needed.  It is safe for baby.

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2 fl. oz Lanolin
2 fl. oz Calendula Infused Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Chopped Beeswax (or beeswax pearls)
2 tsp Vitamin E

Lanolin is a thick, heavy moisturizer.  It is traditionally recommended, all on it’s own, for nursing mothers.  It soothes, heals the skin and protects it from further irritation.

Calendula Infused Olive Oil is soothing, anti-inflammatory and excellent for repairing cracked, damaged skin

Vitamin E is also great for repairing the skin and acts as a natural preservative in body care products


Chop Beeswax if necessary

Combine all the ingredients together in a heat safe measuring cup and place in a double boiler on low.  Warm the salve until all the beeswax is melted, stirring frequently.

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Pour into clean, dry containers.  Allow the salve to cool before placing the lids on the containers.  Yields 5 fl. oz of salve.

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