My Best Cold and Flu Remedies

Holy moly this summer has flown by and I wanted to share some cold and flu remedies to help prepare you for fall. I am so sorry I have been out of touch with you guys, I have been busy busy getting the new Apothecary ready in Old Town Lafayette! And my son started kindergarten this year! I can’t believe it! Not surprisingly, the start of school also brought our first illness of the season. That means today I am busy stocking my herbal medicine chest in preparation for the cold & flu season. And I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes that you can make at home to keep your family healthy.

IMG_3180For prevention, we drink the Super Immune Tea Blend (recipe here) daily during the cold & flu season.  It is rich in vitamins and minerals, boosts the immune system and knocks out germs! This blend is warming, sweet and delicious.  It is a nourishing infusion that can be taken throughout the winter to keep your family feeling healthy or can be taken during an illness to boost the bodies defenses.

You can also make this delicious Immune Boosting Syrup (recipe here) to boost your defenses daily. You won’t have any problem getting your kids on board, My kids LOVE this syrup!

IMG_3335My All-Natural Vapor Rub (recipe here) uses the power of pure essential oils to help with coughs, stuffy noses or any cold & flu conditions.  It is antiviral, antibacterial, helps to loosen congestion, relax a cough  and open up the airways so you can breathe better.  When your kids are sick you can rub it onto the chest, back and bottoms of the feet, especially before naps & bedtime.

My All-Natural Hand Sanitizer (recipe here) can be used on the go at parks, museums, on airplanes or any time you need to quickly clean the hands without access to soap and water.

IMG_3397Garlic Elder Berry Lemonade (recipe here) is one of my favorite remedies! This kid-approved cold & flu remedy is effective and delicious. Garlic is such a powerful herbal ally when you are sick but, personally, I have a hard time getting it down on it’s own. And it is definitely hard to get my kids on board.  Blended with elder berries, lemon & honey, you can hardly tell that you are drinking garlic!

I also love to bathe my kids in herbal tea when they are under the weather. Some of my favorite herbs to add to the bath are Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula, Elder Flowers & Thyme. (Learn how to bathe your kids in herbal tea here)

thymeSpeaking of Thyme, it is one of the most handy herbs to have on hand during the cold & flu season! One of my favorite tricks is to put a crockpot filled with water and thyme in the kids bedroom at night. It is a simple humidifier that gently steams the room with thyme all night long. You can read all about the wonders of Thyme in my article — Thyme: A Must Have Herb During the Cold & Flu Season

I hope this helps you prepare the for the upcoming cold & flu season! Just remember each time they get sick, they are building and strengthening their immune systems! Plenty of rest, fluids, some herbal remedies and they will be back in action in no time.

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