Herbal Coffee: A Delicious, Caffeine-Free Alternative

I am gonna be honest here… I LOVE coffee.  The morning ritual, the rich aroma, the bitter taste, … I love the whole experience. It just works for me {Seriously, don’t take my coffee!!}.

But this year has been crazy busy. Being a mom of small kids and running my own business often leaves me feeling tired and overwhelmed. When I feel that way, I find myself reaching for more and more coffee to help me get through the day.

And that definitely does not work for me.

Too much coffee negatively affects the liver, which makes it hard for your body to process and clear a lot of things, including hormones. For me this pretty quickly results in grumpy PMS and cycle related migraines.  Sound familiar to anyone else?

I knew I needed to reign it in. It’s all about finding the right balance. And discovering healthy alternatives.


Seriously, this herbal coffee is so yummy.  And it satisfies that afternoon craving when I need a little treat, a moment to sit and breathe and enjoy a hot beverage.

Better yet, it support liver health! Dandelion Root & Burdock Root both strengthen liver function and improve liver clearance.  So it balances my morning cup of coffee, right?

To prepare herbal coffee, combine all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and store in a glass jar. Use 1 tsp per cup of water. Steep 3-5 minutes for a light brew. Steep 5-8 minutes for a darker brew. Sit down and ENJOY!

Herbal Coffee Recipe

4 pts Roasted Chicory Root

2 parts Dandelion Root

1 pt Burdock Root

1/2 pt Fenugreek

If you are local, come visit me at the Apothecary in Old Town Lafayette to find these yummy organic herbs. You can also can find all of these herbs online at Mountain Rose Herbs. Don’t have time to make your own? I have Herbal Coffee in stock in the Apothecary!! Buy it here

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