Linden Medicine

by Amber Wood, certified clinical herbalist & nutritionist

Common Name : Linden

Latin Name: Tilia europaea, Tilia cordata & other spp.

Parts Used: Flowers and bracts

Medicinal Properties

Linden, also known as lime blossom, has a long history of usage in herbal medicine. It is a gentle and safe medicine for the young and old alike. It has a strong affinity for the heart, nourishing and supporting both the emotional and the physical heart. Linden supports the nervous system, helping to ease tension and anxiety. These relaxing properties also make it an effective remedy for dispersing heat during fevers and infections. Its mucilage helps coat and soothe the digestive tract and makes linden a lovely topical remedy for irritated areas on the skin. You can typically find this beautiful, sweet-tasting flower in bloom all over Boulder County from mid to late June.

Preparations: Tea, Tincture, Topical, Bath

Heart Tonic Tea Blend 

1 part Linden

1 part Hawthorn Leaf & Flower

½ part Hawthorn Berry

1 part Tulsi

¼ part Motherwort

¼ part Rose Petal 

To prepare the tea, pour one cup of boiling water over one tablespoon of tea. Cover and steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain and enjoy. 

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